EFIS & Flight Data Viewer Setup

  • How do I create a flight data recording file? Answer

  • How do I download and install the 'Flight Data Viewer' using the Chrome browser? View this video demonstration.

  • How do I customize the 'Flight Data Viewer' to match my installed EFIS? Answer

Data Extraction

  • I neglected to record my last flight. Is there a way to retrieve that data? Answer

Viewing Flight Data

  • What MGL black box data is available to view? Answer

  • How do I open and view my previous flights? Answer

  • How do I magnify (zoom) graphs? View this video demonstration.

Analyzing Flight Data

  • How can I analyze cylinder temperatures to verify that dual ignition timing is correct? View this video demonstration.

  • How can I analyze climb rate (Vx / Vy)? Read these tips.

  • How can I analyze takeoff performance? View this video demonstration, and read these tips.