Version 2.24

August 18, 2020
Large files (with flights longer than about 1-1/2 hours) load faster and use less memory.
For Dynon users - Added % power graph and column.
For Dynon users - Added fuel pressure column. Added option to select fuel pressure scale (PSI, Millibar, " Mercury) to the Options dialog.
Selecting ranges is now much faster.
If you select a range before exporting data to a CSV file (full or Savvy) only the data in the selected range is exported.
Some columns that do not contain any data will no longer be included in the data grid. For example: AGL, slip.
For Dynon users - Fixed the 'Local Time' for data extracted from Dynon files. The displayed value (first column) will be the local time of the flight event. The next column shows the time since the flight started. (Note: You can click on the 'Time (Local)' column header and the data will switch to 'Time (Zulu)'. Clicking again switches it back.)
'Analyze' --> 'Statistics'. You can now select the number of decimal places to display. Useful for values like fuel flow.
Fixed the fuel usage box in the fuel flow graph. (Note: To change the fuel used units you'll need to change the fuel volume units on the data configuration.)

Version 2.23

July 3, 2020
Bug fix for users of versions 2.21 and 2.22. When changing options the application will save changes then terminate when the OK button is pressed.

Version 2.22

June 7, 2020
Now support Garmin flight data recording files!
Better support for exporting data to CSV files on computers outside the US that use a different floating point number representation.

For example in the US the constant π is displayed as 3.1416, but in many parts of the world is displayed as 3,1416

Version 2.21

April 29, 2020
Now support GRT flight data recording files! (Only exported CSV files, not binary LOG files.)

Version 2.20

February 1, 2020
Now support Dynon Skyview flight data recording files!
Improved real-time playback of flight data.

Version 2.19

Released December 24, 2019
No changes that would affect existing users.
Changed the 'Options' user interface to better model 2 RDAC configurations. Enabled renaming of some parameters.
Updated the 'Analog' 'Options' tab to explicitly state that there is a bug in the MGL software that causes random/invalid data to be stored for analog ports. The data displayed from analog ports is therefore unusable and should be ignored until MGL fixes this bug.

Version 2.18

Released November 14, 2019
Improved algorithm for takeoff performance analysis feature.

Version 2.16 and 2.17

Released September 30, 2019
Bug fix for takeoff performance analysis feature.

Version 2.15

Released September 25, 2019
Major Added takeoff performance analysis feature.
Can now right click on CHT and EGT graphs to select which cylinders are included.
Added density/pressure altitude calculator. Under 'Help', 'Tools'
Improved rendering of flight path graphic by altering aspect ratio.
When the graphs pane is narrowed or widened the new size is saved and used when future flights are opened.
Text 'Auto Pilot Engaged' displayed on EFIS graphic when appropriate.

Version 2.14

Released April 5, 2019
Increased the number of supported cylinders from 6 to 12. Added 'Options' setting to allow for installations where the CHT and EGT probes are installed on two different RDACs.

Version 2.13

Released March 26, 2019
New functionality: export data to Savvy Analysis. View demo of the export process. Visit the Savvy Analysis web page.

Version 2.12

Released February 18, 2019
Added remaining fuel level graph.
Can now export the data to a CSV file.
Added true airspeed, density altitude, and pressure altitude calculator. Access from the 'Help' menu.
Added the ability to use a 'magic number' to correct barometric pressure. Only needed for some, but not all MGL devices that use the older 'Enigma.rec' file format.
Now writing the user's locale to the extracted flight information file. This allows users to share these files when the users are in regions of the world which use different date formats.

Version 2.11

Released December 27, 2018
Fuel remaining now accounts for more than one fuel tank.
Added a setting to limit the number of flight data windows that can be open at a time. The default is 15. A large number of open windows consumed excessive memory.
Added a 'Help Tips' window which is displayed on startup.
Multiple flight data (*.FDXML) files can be opened from the Windows command line.
Bug fix. Fuel flow when displayed in liters/hour is now correct.
Bug fix for the older 'Enigma.rec' file format. Only affected users below the equator. Longitude and latitude are now correctly extracted from the data file.
Bug fix for the older 'Enigma.rec' file format. Bank angle displayed in the EFIS window was reversed.

Version 2.9

Released December 6, 2018
Added graph zoom feature.
Workaround for a bug in the older 'Engima.rec' file format. In some cases the compass and GPS headings were stored incorrectly by the EFIS (values are 10 times too large).

Version 2.8

Released November 3, 2018
Bug fix for the older 'Enigma.rec' file format. The MGL firmware may store invalid event dates. These events are now ignored.
Workaround for a bug in the older 'Engima.rec' file format. When the RDAC uses 'J' type CHT thermocouples the temperature stored in the recording file is incorrect. Check the 'Correct MGL CHT Temperature Probe Firmware Bug?' option to invoke the workaround.

Version 2.7

Released October 4, 2018
Display voltage and current. Only available on Enigma and Extreme Mini. Current value is usually unreliable.
Display G-force reading on EFIS display when it is above 1.4 G.
Better handling of current row selection in the details 'spreadsheet' when using the playback control. Retains currently viewed columns.
Added new AHRS (Yaw) equipment enables in 'Options'. Previously selecting AHRS displayed pitch, bank and yaw columns. The saved AHRS (Yaw) value is meaningless on most EFIS systems. Default value is 'do not display'.
Added help tips to many of the 'Options'.

Version 2.5

Released September 12, 2018
Bug fix: Some users couldn't view flight using Google Earth.
Support for twin engine aircraft.
Can now select flight events from the 'flight path' graph.

Version 2.4

Released September 4, 2018
Bug fix: Displaying correct altitude. Previous versions switched pressure and local altitudes.
Display local and corrected barometric pressures in data grid.
Bug fix: If GPS position didn't change flight path display would crash application.
Improved user interface for climb rate analysis.
Improved analog data port configuration dialogs. Added suggested values for configuring the EFIS for various devices.

Version 2.3

Released August 14, 2018
Added EFIS graphic display for viewing current flight parameters. Bar graph display has been retained.

Version 2.2

Released August 7, 2018
Added display of additional engines parameters: aux oil and pressure; aux temps 1-4; coolant temp; inlet temp; inlet pressure; boost pressure; fuel pressure and aux flow rate.
Suppress erroneous far jumps in recorded GPS data.

Version 2.1

Released July 28, 2018
Bug fix: Retain user settings after upgrade.
Added 'Visit Website' to 'Help' menu.