I neglected to record my last flight. Is there a way to retrieve that data?


MGL EFIS and engine monitors automatically record each flight even if you do not explicitly do so. This automatic recording is primarily meant to be used by NTSB accident investigators. This recording file is smaller than the normal black box recording file, and therefore will only include the last few hours of flight time.

To access this data:

  • Copy the automatic flight data recording to the SD card using the device's menu. On a MGL Explorer the steps are (may differ on your device):
    • Select ‘Menu’
    • Select ‘Common Tasks’
    • Select ‘Copy Internal Recording to SD Card’
  • Turn off the device
  • Remove the SD card
  • Use the standard data extraction procedure, but select the iEFISBB.DAT file, instead of iEFIS.rec or Enigma.rec.